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The simplest way
to create and manage

Empower your teams to plan better, collaborate more, and work in sync for the right outcomes.

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Quickly understand the status of a product and track its progress from planning to execution to the next steps, without endless meetings and chat strings. The platform’s transparent structure minimises the need for reporting and micromanaging staff.

Get 360-view of product’s progress without calling single status meeting


Keep everyone working on the right things at the right time 

The platform's transparency drives accountability and pushes the right strategies forward. Keep your teams productive and focused by setting clear priorities with everyone knowing what to do and when to do it, without bottlenecks.

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Streamline all communication into a single interface and make sure your teams are aligned at all times, regardless of their location and size. Quickly solve problems by keeping all communication and documents exchange inside the system, easily trackable for every project and task.

Streamline communication and synchronise all teams 


Anticipate obstacles
and solve them on time 

Potential problems are escalated to decision-makers at the very moment of their origination, with easy access to all relevant communication and documentation, so they can be solved quickly without losing time investigating what happened, when and why.

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Havelock offers the simplest way for multi-department companies 
to manage many projects effectively from one place
and have quick access to all project information

updated in real-time.


A single source of truth for all your teams

Havelock is a work management and collaboration platform that keeps all important information

updated in real-time and stored in one place. 

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Keep projects updated in real-time
and understand their actual status in less than a minute

In Havelock, you work with an initial plan that you manage dynamically, letting you execute multiple projects simultaneously, adapt to shifting priorities in real-time and minimize project delays. Know at any given time:

  • What was initially planned?

  • What happened in reality?

  • What is the next scheduled actionable step?

  • Do we have a delay?

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Give every employee a clear list of tasks for TODAY in sync with the best priority for the company

Havelock's prioritization approach guarantees that each user works with a daily list containing only immediately actionable tasks that are not dependent on someone else to finish their work. All tasks are perfectly prioritized and distributed across the organisation, and everyone receives the most up-to-date information.

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My Tasks Havelock elevator.png
My Tasks Havelock elevator.png
My Tasks Havelock elevator.png

Assign only possible (actionable) tasks and eliminate questions like: “When will you be ready?"

Too often people receive lists where 5 out of 10 tasks for “Today” cannot be started, because somebody hasn’t finished their work yet. How many phone calls, emails and meeting would be necessary to understand the actual status? 

Working with actionable tasks saves you a lot of time and resources. Moreover, it fully eliminates “shift of blame” scenarios and improves working atmosphere.

Enjoy structured, easily traceable and related to a specific task communication 

Statistics show that people spend more time searching than providing information. That is why all discussion and communication chains in Havelock are attached to a specific task/topic. That’s the only way to guarantee a quick and easy access to information, and decrease up to five times the time spent on searching.


See the big picture,
use Havelock’s powerful reports

Havelock may be easy to use, but it comes with a powerful report builder. Create reports that will keep you on track with the progress of a product's development, as well as such that give you quick overview of how teams and individual employees  are doing with their milestones and tasks. 

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Communication - elevators.jpg

Quickly access all documents and files of a specific project or a task 

The logic of storing documents is even simpler. You should store all the documents and files per topic, but you should also make them searchable from anywhere --  a task, a milestone or a project. All data is easy to see, track, and filter. Also, access to file folders can be managed based on user roles. 

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Havelock works well with
most existing software

Havelock shows you what you should do.

Department 1

Department 2

Department 3

Department 4

Department 5

Other software show you what you should see.


Havelock is powerful,
yet easy to set up & use

  • Quick adoption

  • Exceptional support

  • Easy integration

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Learn more about the methodology behind the software.

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