Fashion & Apparel Production Management Software

Built by the people from the industry for the people in the industry. Tested in our own business. And we love it!

See for yourself


Speaks Your Language

All the terminology you use daily is here. No need to explain to developers why something is “Ready to dye”.


Improves Visibility

Now you perfectly know what & when need to be sent to the producer. No need to remember anything anymore.


Keeps everything

All the communication and documents are here. No need to search them in countless emails and folders on the file server.

Why Choose Havelock

Havelock is ready to use production management software, offered both – in the cloud or on premise. Below we list just few of the features that come out of the box. Contact us for a more detailed overview.


Built in workflows

Havelock comes with the most used in the industry workflow templates, so you can start at a glimpse of an eye. Still you can customise and distribute them to your team.


Proactive management

Manage what’s really important based on your project due dates. No more spreadsheets, reminders and endless meetings.


Everything in the right context

All communication, documents and activities are stored in the right context, so everyone involved can easily find them.


Up to date reports

Flexible filtering providing fast and adequate view of styles in production. Now you know exactly how your producers are performing and who to choose for the next vague.


Know only what you need to

Advanced notification system that informs you only about what’s important. No more countless emails with status updates that mean nothing.

Our Story

We work in the Fashion & Apparel industry for more than 25 years. We owned a brand with stores in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. We have factories and we produce for some of the most renowned brands in Europe. We know your business. It is ours as well. For years.

That’s why we created Havelock. We are working and improving it since 2015.

Today, in our factories work more than 800 happy people. We forgot what is it “overtime”, “burnout”, “delay”, and constant “crisis management”. We don’t have “daily/weekly syncs” anymore. We just don’t need them.

At the beginning of 2018 we decided to rebuilt Havelock with the latest possible technologies, allowing us to offer it to you as a service. We hired the best experts from the software industry and are committed to deliver it for you at early 2019.

Meanwhile you can visit us and see how we work with the current version of the product daily. We would love to spread the happiness of being pro-actively productive with zero stress!