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Havelock's Dynamic Planning Methodology:

Achieve more efficiency

with a new mindset 


A "Culture of Action"

  • Plan and schedule only actionable milestones

  • Put all actionable milestones in a single “Action hub”

  • Assign only actionable tasks

  • Organize all communication around tasks to make it easily traceable


Plan dynamically and stop
re-arranging your target deadlines to match reality

The Havelock Way
to work management:
A two-fold approach 

Dynamic Planning:

Flexibility to manage many projects simultaneously with information updated in real-time

Dynamic Planning (DP) lets you manage a large volume of projects at the same time without falling into organizational chaos. It rests on the principle that products are built and executed one step at a time, and a product's plan can advance to the next phase only if the previous is completed.


PMs plan only actionable milestones, which creates transparency, removes chaos and improves time-to-market, allowing managers to respond to changes in real-time.

Dynamic Task Assignment:

Departments work in sync on what can be done TODAY 

Dynamic Task Assignment stipulates that PMs assign and monitor only tasks related to a project step that people can work on TODAY.


Prioritized daily lists with actionable tasks set clear expectations, remove the tension between departments and save everyone time finding what they need to do and when.


Havelock Dynamic Planning vs. Re-active planning

Build projects brick-by-brick, with perfect prioritization
of each added brick

Artboard – 24.png



  • Plans synchronized with the Real Situation

  • Dynamic plans require minimum resources to keep all projects updated

  • Personal schedules are always


  • Company deals with problems before they become problems

Artboard – 23.png


  • Plans disconnected from the Real Situation

  • Plans require enormous resources
    to keep all projects updated

  • Personal schedules are often outdated

  • Company deals with problems when
    they are
    already problems


Don't start from scratch!

Havelock is preloaded with process templates to save you time planning similar projects. 

Havelock can be configured and reconfigured to support any team, product, or project across your organization. Predefined templates cover all types of activities in modern companies to save you time on planning. The templates combine best industry practices with your know-how to establish standards for all employees in your company.

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