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"We want Havelock to become the Earth’s standard for managing work in a dynamic environment and a platform for future innovations."


Our Story

We are dreamers, doers, and problem-solvers, who created Havelock after 20+ years of experience as brand owners and producers for brands in the affordable luxury segment all over the world. Havelock is a product of our passion for optimising the way we work together to meet the ever-changing deadlines in the dynamic world of fashion.

We developed Havelock in 2014 but wanted to first test it on our operations, fine-tune it, and then offer it to you. We built it to eliminate the same problems you face, and existing software just can’t solve, i.e. overloaded communication, lack of full transparency over a project’s status, the shift of blame between departments, delays of cross-functional projects, and so on. But for us, the Havelock software is not what makes companies so efficient and self-sustained, it is just an easy-to-use extension to the dynamic planning project management concept we developed. 


Havelock's mission is to offer companies worldwide
a product management methodology and an easy-to-use software so they can plan better, empower teams to work together effortlessly, and achieve faster

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