The radically new,
self-sustainable platform for project
and process management

“Oh, no. Not another system
to serve to.“

We can really empathize with that feeling

Our own story began as we ourselves were trying to find a suitable management tool for our company (a family business with 1000 employees). We went through almost all existing systems, but found every single one wanting.

  • Untraceable communication chains
  • Long implementation
  • Nobody really likes it
  • Lack of real time awareness
  • Difficulties to align teams
  • Difficulties with prioritization

Most management tools require tons of work to be implemented, exhausting input of data and constant control

So we set to build our own system.
A system that is:

  • Self-organized
  • Efficient
  • Easy-to-use
  • Everybody
    likes it
  • Self-sustained

What is Havelock?

Learn about the three elephants that make Havelock so radically different

Proactive Dynamic Planning

We’ve got to a completely new paradigm for project management. We even had to invent a new name for it. We call it Proactive Dynamic Planning.

It is based on the idea that every milestone of each project should be proactively scheduled and assigned only after all previous steps are executed. It completely changes the rules of the game. Believe us, we speak from experience.

Havelock brings totally different meaning to such widely used words as “proactivity”, “efficiency” and “transparency”. Among many other benefits my personal favourite is that nobody in the company has to remember anything yet nothing is ever forgotten.

Aleksandar Jordanov

CEO, Inlink

The culture of possible

Havelock prioritizes only those tasks that are immediately possible (actionable). This relieves your internal communication from countless emails, meetings, phone calls and investigations about what happened, and who’s to blame.

Havelock relieved our internal communication, made operational meetings and internal mails unnecessary and eliminated all ‘shift of blame’ scenarios. We consider Havelock team much more as a partner rather than just a software provider in our ambitious journey.

Milena Тoshkova

CEO & Founder, Lifestore

Problems? No problem

Proactive Dynamic Planning brings another great benefit. All potential problems are spotted immediately so you could timely deal with them. When we say immediately we mean “at the very moment of their appearance”. It does not require extra efforts or control – it’s just an inevitable result of Havelock logic.

Early warnings on potential problems have always been crucial for our business. With Havelock we’ve made a big step ahead – now all potential problems are automatically directed to decision makers instead of decision makers to search for potential problems.

Alexander Ralchev

CEO, VSK (Varna Building Company)

As easy as one-two-three

A system designed to make your life easier shouldn’t start with complications

Under the hood Havelock is a sophisticated and powerful tool that manages hundreds of processes and allocates thousands of tasks. No matter the size of your company, Havelock is able to bring order to even the most demanding workflows. And yet it is convenient and remarkably user-friendly. It requires just a week to implement and put into action. Despite its impressive functionality, Havelock works flawlessly and quickly.

It took only one week to set up and run the full functionality of Havelock. It is a very easy-to-work-with tool and at the same time is surprisingly powerful. It resembles a magician trick — it’s very simple when you know how it works, even though it seemed unimaginable before.

Nikolay Marinkov

CEO, Uniken